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Welcome Hairy Women & Admirers!

For FIVE Years, HAIR TO STAY was the World's ONLY Magazine For Lovers Of Natural, Hairy Women. NO magazine has replaced it. Click HERE to BOOKMARK us.

There are no popups within this website, I hate them as much as you do. NO active X, NO dialers, NO toolbars, NO auto installs, NO bullshit.


HAIR TO STAY is no longer being published; it ceased publication in 2000, but don't despair, there is always the chance it will return!!! You can buy back issues of HAIR TO STAY here

If you're looking for links for hairy products such as videos and photos, you've come to the right place. Looking to chat online with hairy women? I can help! You can also find information on PCOS and related issues. You can find links to hairy pussy sites, where to watch hairy movies online, where to get free daily hairy photos and hairy movies and SO much more!! No other website gives you such valuable information on hairy women and it's all free.

HAIR TO STAY was published by and this site is maintained by me -- Pam Winter -- a true hirsute woman. You can find articles and stories from HAIR TO STAY under the "stories and articles" link. This is the original hairy website on the Internet, before hairy was popular! I've has been a leader in the hirsute acceptance movement for nearly 16 years and can proudly boast of helping tens of thousands of men realize it's ok to love natural, hairy women and I've helped hundreds and hundreds of women dealing with excess body hair know it's ok to be 'different' and to learn to accept it and/or deal with it.

So -- sit back, grab your mouse and begin your hirsute journey! The are NO popups on this website. You don't have to pay a penny to come to this site daily and see free photos, links, read stories, or just feel like you belong. If you ever need help, feel free to contact me or call me and yes, my phone number is on this site and I answer my own phone.

Have you joined Hairy Chat yet? Lots of REAL women (I've confirmed they are women!) who have body hair chat with men who love us! Hairy Chat is a free chat forum and there have been 3 marriages from that site so far! BIG changes due soon to Hairy Chat but why not join now?

Oh yeah, this website best viewed in Firefox -- since with the new IE7 you can't view new windows as it sees them as popups and I have NO popups on my sites. And, hey, don't forget to visit FAT CHICKS DATING where you can find BBWs wanting to meet YOU. Many of these BBW women are hairy. And if you just like to look at hairy BBWs, check my newest site, HAIRY BBWs.

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Hairy Women Movie Theatre
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Explicit Hairy Lesbian Pics

Hair To Stay Photos ... from the magazine

Did you buy HAIR TO STAY magazine, and wish the photos were larger and all in color? You can now have your wish! All the images from the magazine plus some bonus photos can now be viewed at Pam's paysite, Hair To Stay's Photos. You can see the best hairy pictures on the Internet!! No rebills, just a one-time fee to view all of the images from the original magazine! Please note many of the photos will shock you and you'll think they're doctored, but THEY ARE NOT. The photos are as I received them showing all the hair. Unfortunately much of the quality of the photos and clarity of the hair was lost in the earlier issues of the magazine. You also get free movie feeds at no additional cost.

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Hairy BBWs

The Best Of The First Two Years ...
the best of the first 2 years of hair to stay

   Most of the back issues of HAIR TO STAY have sold out, despite being reprinted several times. I've decided to do a BEST OF THE FIRST TWO YEARS OF HAIR TO STAY, a magazine that has nearly 260 pages and includes over 200 photos, all on glossy paper. If you're wondering, that's HIRSUTE SANDRA on the cover and yes, she has 2 videos out and I sell both of them! This issue has all the video reviews, most of the articles, all the scam alerts, etc ... with NO outside advertising! A $70 value for just $40 .. available NOW . Here are excerpts from a review in a national magazine: "Here, in what can only be called the first bible of hirsute culture, is every incredible photo, every cock-hardening piece of hairy-woman fiction, every drooling reader letter, every straight-talking editorial, every provocative piece of commentary, and, of course, every scintillating yet honest hairy-woman video review to appear in the first eight issues of Hair to Stay." "Now you can flip from John Graham's cock-hardening stills of Hirsute Sandra in all her thickly haired glory to two pages of spread-legged photos of Hirsute Laurel taken during the shooting of Pam Winter's first video. You can flip from Latina Nina's hairy crotch and stomach to HTS women readers showing off their hairy cunts and pits".

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300+ hairy movies for you to watch as low as 8 cents per minute. Choose a movie, begin to watch it, then stop and watch another if you choose. All the top hairy movies being produced today including many from Germany.

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HAIRY SEX VIDEOS BRAND NEW site with nothing but hairy sex videos. You have to tour this to see the high quality hairy videos. I was pretty surprised at the great quality of the movies plus how hairy the women are. You can join for 3 days for a few bucks plus you get access to 60 other sites. This is definitely one of the best new hairy sites that's been launched in the past year. Visit Hairy Sex Videos now.

    OVER 800,000 PHOTOS!! ATK Natural and Hairy currently has thousands of youthful and natural models between the ages of 18 - 23 appearing in more than 800,000 pictures! The have more than 1,300 models! They also have a section with mature, older women for those who prefer that type of woman. They have a little hairy hardcore, some hairy lesbians, hairy posing and so much more. ATK Natural and Hairy has the largest collection of hairy models and the most hairy photos online, GUARANTEED!! Visit ATK NATURAL & HAIRY now.

HIPPIE GODDESSalexia from hippie goddess
Are you tired of hairy women in hardcore photos? Want to see them out in nature, being themselves? No poses, no dildos, just hairy women doing what they want when frolicking in nature. Isn't she beautiful? The women of Hippie Goddess will astound you with their natural beauty and earth qualities. 50,000 original, exclusive, photographs of natural, hippie, girls. I highly recommend this site for its beauty, high quality and honesty. Visit Hippie Goddess now.

HORNY HAIRY GIRLS Rodney Moore is a well known video producer and produces both the HORNY HAIRY GIRLS and SEATTLE HAIRY GIRLS videos. You can now view exclusive pictures and movies of all his hairy models! More hairy women than you can believe, including hairy bush, hairy pits, hairy legs, hairy lesbians and more!! You'll get info on his upcoming movies, interviews with the hairy models, and more. You also get access to Rodney Moore's main site, plus 10 other websites at no additional cost. Visit HORNY HAIRY GIRLS now

ABBY WINTERS    ALL NEW HAIRY TOUR FOR YOU!!! True amateurs being amateurs!! All they have here are natural gorgeous models from Australia. They have never been photographed before so you get fresh models in fresh photo and video sets. Abby specializes in girls with pubic hair in girl/girl scenes, so if you like watching 2 hairy women together, you can't miss this website. These are all real couples, too, not 2 women faking a lesbian scene. Take the free tour!! Visit ABBY WINTERS' NATURAL MODELS now

RICO'S WORLD has extremely hairy Caribbean ladies not seen elsewhere. Exclusive photos and videos of hairy bushes so thick you'll get lost in them. Ever see pubic hair creep halfway up a sexy belly? If you have a love of hairy black women, this is THE site for you. It truly is the best for unique-looking hairy women without ripoffs. All content is stuff you won't see anywhere else. Some of the hair on the women will absolutely astound you and you'll wonder if it's real, but it truly is. Don't miss this site!!!!! Visit RICO'S HAIRY WORLD now.

FREE LIVE CHAT WITH HAIRY WOMEN You can join IM LIVE now for FREE and chat with hairy women. No, seriously. They have thousands of cam hosts available and I checked out some of the hairy hosts. You can see one photo above and here is another and yes, these women are really on the site, they are really hairy and you can really chat with them for FREE. Why not sign up now for free and go chat with some really horny hairy women? Visit FREE Live Chat NOW!

HOLY MOLEY!!! This is one of the HAIRIEST women I have ever, ever seen. She has the widest, thickest bush, the hairiest pits, the hairiest legs .... she will absolutely blow you away. A girl-next-door type with a pretty face and a treasure trail that won't quit. This site just opened and you just HAVE to join!! I'm not impressed too often but trust me, guys, this one really really impressed ME!! Visit Hairy Harley now.

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